Top 6 Dive Sites in Cozumel

If you’re looking for a pristine environment for diving, Cozumel (an island off of Mexico) is trending. With untouched marine life and miles upon miles of wall dives, Cozumel has become the ultimate destination. Like many other tourist destinations, this Mexican island has some best-kept secrets, including some of its most breathtaking diving sites. Today we’re going to take a look at six of these sought-after diving spots so that when it comes time to book your hotel, you’ll know where to look. Whether you’re on a budget or looking to be lavish, one of these sites is right for you.

Spot #6: Columbia Wall

Columbia Wall is a great spot if you’re looking to take photographs while diving. The area has some of the most beautiful sights in all of Cozumel. This massive cave is home to multiple tavern and tunnel systems with surprises around every corner – including the shallows. Some of these surprises include an abundance of untarnished marine life, such as sea turtles, surgeonfish, and barracuda.

One of the most unique things about this spot is its enormous coral pillars – some of them stretch higher than 20 meters! Between all of these unique features, you’re sure to catch some amazing things on your camera. Just make sure you watch your back: those surgeonfish are sharp!

Spot #5: Palancar Reef

Palancar Reef is infamous for being home to thousands of coral species. This area is around three and a half miles long, so there is a lot of room to explore. It’s also a great area for people that are new at diving – not as many sharp rocks or dangerous critters hiding about. That’s not to say that advanced divers don’t come here; it’s for people of all skill levels. The seemingly endless array of coral clusters is good for those of you that like to find hiding marine life. There are also hundreds of deep crevices, yet another place to find hidden treasures.

Another thing that makes this a great area for beginners is the calm sea surrounding the reef. Less movement on the outside makes for easy diving and finding new creatures. The colors are sure to keep you captivated, too, with deep purples, blues, and oranges.

Spot #4: Punta Sur

On the flip side, if you’re an advanced diver, Punta Sur may be the site you’re looking for. It is located in the national park that is home to the second-largest coral reef system in the world, and some of its depths go as far as 90 feet! Devil’s Throat, a cave formation in Punta Sur, is a rare gem for experienced scuba divers. While it is the deepest part of the site with the strongest currents, it’s also home to a variety of plant and sea life that can’t be seen in other areas. In the section of Punta Sur known as “The Cathedral”, you can spot eagle rays, toadfish, and barracuda.

Because Punta Sur is divided into sections, you’re sure to find a section that matches your experience level. While it is an ideal place for experienced divers, it isn’t off limits for newbies.

Spot #3: Paso De Cedral

Flora and fauna are abundant at the diving site of Paso De Cedral, and with calm waters and beautiful colors, this area is appropriate for anyone of any skill level. This is one of those diving sites that is almost dream-worthy with its brilliant colors and various marine species. That means if you’re a photographer – don’t forget your camera! This is one of the most-visited diving sites for photographers.

Spot #2: Santa Rosa Wall

This is one of the most popular sites if you’re looking for a place to go deep diving. The crystal-blue Caribbean starts at around 15 meters in depth and only goes deeper from there.  People who have recently visited have commented on things like the incredible swim-through tunnels, the coral overhangs, and the massive sponges. If you’re not from somewhere like Cozumel, the sponges are something impressive to set your sights upon.

You’ll also find sea life such as turtles and eagle rays hiding in this spot, but make sure you’re familiar with diving: this site has some strong currents to look out for.

Spot #1: Barracuda Reef

Barracuda Reef might just have more marine life than any other diving spot on our list, but there’s a catch: you have to be experienced in drift diving, and you have to know what you’re doing. Strong currents make this best for those who have been in the diving scene for a while.

Some of the things you’ll see in Barracuda Reef include stingrays, marlins, eels, tuna, and barracudas. If you’ve never seen a barracuda, it should definitely go on your bucket list. Not only is this site home to so many marvelous creatures, it’s also an incredible place for gazing upon coral. You’ll see both soft and hard coral, vase and tube sponges, red and yellow gorgonian fans, and anemones galore.


These Cozumel Diving sites are fit for every level and every experience level. They’re just a few of our favorites. For more favorites and more suggestions, call at 214-206-0577 so we can help!