Carlos N’ Charlies

Carlos’n Charlie’s is a family-friendly, 100% Mexican restaurant, where the genuine personality and subtle humor of Grupo Anderson’s founder, Carlos Anderson, is apparent in every detail. In a laid-back, casual setting, guests
are free to do as they please as they are entertained by their surroundings – dancing on chairs, comical skit performances, singing and more. The servers work as a team, paying close attention to detail and entertaining guests
individually to ensure that each person leaves with an unforgettable memory of the restaurant.

Carlos’n Charlie’s does not strive to be a themed restaurant, and it is not perceived as one. What makes Carlos’n Charlie’s different from most restaurants is that it not only sells authentic food and drink, but it also offers a
priceless and memorable dining experience.

Carlos’n Charlie’s is a timeless restaurant that people of all ages will continue to enjoy for years to come.

Contact Carlos N’ Charlies

Carlos N’ Charlies Av. Rafael Melgar No. 551, Loc. BR-2 Entre Calle 7 y Calle 11 Sur 77600, Cozumel, Q Roo

Phone. 011 52 (987) 869-1647

Phone2. 011 52 (987) 869-1648

Fax. 011 52 (987) 869-1646