Cozumel Reefs – Columbia Shallow

Columbia Shallow

35 feet max
Skill level: Novice
Current: light to moderate

Columbia Shallow, true to its name, is one of the best shallow dives on the island. With a rich coral formation, vast coral heads and a wide variety of marine life, this site is an excellent dive, often rewarding the diver with almost every fish species common to Cozumel. Due to its shallow depths and surrounding sandy areas, Columbia Shallow is also an excellent dive site for spotting southern rays and large loggerhead turtles, as well as a plentiful gathering of queen triggers.

Columbia Shallow is often a 2nd dive on many dive shop schedules, often following neighboring dives on Columbia Wall, Maracaibo or Punta Sur. The reef runs parallel to the shoreline, made up of large coral heads. With its shallow depths, divers can maximize bottom time and air consumption. Teaming with fish and shallow reef heads, it also makes an excellent choice for snorkeling. Columbia Shallow also makes a superb late afternoon or night dive.