Maracaibo Deep

Depth: 90 to 140 feet
Skill level: Expert
This is the southernmost reef on the island and is very exposed to current and topside surf. Wall starts at 90 feet and is covered with large orange elephant ear sponges, black coral and sheet coral. Sharks, rays and loggerhead turtles swim through the channel.

MARACAIBO REEF also known as the LIGHTHOUSE REEF is unfortunately a decompression dive area due to the depths that are in excess of 140 feet. It is spectacular with lush and huge heads of coral populated with gray and black tipped reef sharks along with large groupers. ( Expert )

Maracaibo (Punta) – Large sand hills with large coral formations; marine life includes large manta rays, sea turtles and sharks. Caution: strong current. Depth: 60 feet , then slopes into the abyss.