Blue XT Sea Diving

Wondering about the name? We wanted to find a name that emulates how we feel when we are diving. After several months, hours of debate, and many “focus group” sessions, we decided on Blue XT~Sea Diving. The euphoric connotations give a true illustration of the feelings and emotions diving brings us. Every time we dive into the crystal blue waters of Cozumel, it is a new experience, a new adventure, but always wonderful and always exhilarating. With this said, our goal is to share this love of diving with you and to provide you with a safe and exceptional experience with personal attention and packages tailored to your needs. With us, your diving will be an experience to remember, not just another dive trip!

Our service extends beyond the boat. We can also help with your accommodations, rental cars, and guide you in the right direction for dining and other non-diving activities.

Contact Blue XT Sea Diving

Blue XT Sea Diving, Calle 5 #400-B Cozumel, Mexico

Phone. (800) 281-0134 (toll free)

Phone 2. (01 987) 869-8574