Cozumel Airport Facts

Official Cozumel Airport Website

Cozumel Airport (Airport of Cozumel) – CZM
65th Avenue and Aeropuerto Blvd.

Mailing Address:
Carretera Aeropuerto Int´l
CP 77600 Cozumel
Quintana Roo, Mexico

Tel: +52 (987) 2-04-85
Fax: +52 (987) 2-40-88

Aiport Code: CZM
Runway Length: 8859 ft.
Runway Elevation: 16 ft.

Country Code: +52
IDD Access Code: 00
Domestic Prefix: 01

Time Zone: GMT-6/8
Business Language: Spanish

Airfield Data
Navigational Aids:  VOR-DME, NDB
Runway 1: Heading 05/23, 3,098m (10,164ft), 48/F/B/X/U, No ILS, Restrictions: Closed

Airport Departure Tax

Mexico charges an airport departure tax. The fee varies according to the airport and the current currency conversion rate and is usually included in the price of your ticket, but check to be certain.

Traveler’s checks and credit cards are not accepted at the airport as payment for this.

Entry Documentation *****

In order to enter the country, you will need:

  • Proof of who you are to receive a visa.
  • A current passport is your the best source.
  • If you don’t have one, a certified copy of your birth certificate (not a photocopy).
  • If you’re traveling with children and one parent is not on the trip with you, you’ll need a signed and notarized letter from the parent who is not traveling with the child. (This authorizes the traveling parent to bring the child into a foreign country.

Customs & Immigration

On the last leg of your trip to Cancun or Cozumel the flight attendant will hand out customs forms for you to fill out on the plane. This form is to be handed to the Mexican customs agent who will briefly examine your entry papers once you’ve landed. You are allowed to bring in up to $300 US worth of personal possessions duty-free without declaration. (Laptops are not included in this amount). Divers often excee this limit, so simply declare your items and list personal use.

Upon landing, you’ll deplane and be directed to one of the lines waiting to go through immigration (“immigracion”). At times the lines can be long in Cancun, so patience is required. They generally keep the lines moving steadily. In Cozumel the wait is generally no more than 10 minutes to clear immigration.

When it’s your turn at the immigration desk, present your passport or birth certificate plus the customs declaration form you filled out on the plane.

Next proceed to the luggage carousels and collect any chceked baggage. If youneed assistance, porter’s are readily available. Tip them around $1 US per bag to carry your baggage through customs and to whatever means of ground transportation you plan to take.

Once you have all your luggage in tow, proceed to the exit. There you will find a large stoplight just like the ones you see hanging above intersections, except it is mounted on a pole.

When it’s your turn, push the giant button on the pole. If the light turns green, you can directly through and out to ground transportation. If you get the red (randomly generated), simply take your baggage to the table for inspection. There are some itemes, like certain produce and fuana not allowed into the country, so you may have those taken away. All prescriptions should accompany your medications, especially if you have large quantities.

Retain the visa stub the official gives you, as it will be required to leave the country.

Arrival & Departure

The airport is less than a 5 minute drive to the downtown area. The Cozumel Airport is located 3 km (2 mi) north of San Miguel. This airport is used for both International and Domestic flights.

Airport to hotel transportation is concessioned to private companies, which only Vans. There are no taxis available at the airport.

If you wish to save a little money and take a taxi, walk out of the airport to the main avenue which is about 200 feet away. You will have a good chance of getting a taxi. This may be faster and will charge you less than the airport transportation.

Car Rentals – You can also rent a car at the airport. If you rent, simply get a map of the island. Driving in Cozumel is very easy. The island is small and there are really only a few main roads which go around the island. A map of downtown will be handy to travel within this area.

Airlines Serving Cozumel

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