Columbia Wall

Depth: 60 to 90 feet
Skill level: Intermediate
One of my favorite dives. Not as many divers come here due to the distance. Huge coral pinnacles and a very impressive drop off. You can often see large marine life such as eagle rays, turtles and large baracuda.

Columbia Reef

Coral overhangs tower over an impressive
drop-off. Tends to have larger marine life,
look for turtles & rays. (best 60-100′)

COLUMBIA REEF is an impressive drop-off with huge coral pinnacles towering over where you feel small. Large marine life is common in this area while you are hovering around 60 to 80 feet. ( Intermediate )

Colombia (Deep). – Large sea turtles, rays and nurse sharks are often seen. Coral pillars, 50 feet tall, rest at 90 feet on a white sand bottom. At 90 feet , the reef slopes into the abyss.