The development of Cozumel differs from that Cancun, which was planned. COZUMEL growth has been gradual and spontaneous, far the longest time, based on small to medium-size hotels.

With more than 2 million visitors per year, Cozumel is one of the most
important tourist destinations in Mexico.

As well as its natural beauty, clean and peaceful beaches, clear waters, multicolored reefs, exotic flora and fauna; the island offers numerous archeological vestiges of the Mayan culture.

Its inhabitants, perhaps its great on asset preserve their rich traditions, like Carnival, the religious rites of Easter week and the festivals of Santa Cruz in May, San Miguel in September. All of these popular events combine prehispanic and Catholic rituals with participation of locals and visitors alike.

It is during these celebrations that local character and color can be most appreciated, when the identity and strength that the years and decades have given Cozumel make this beautiful island what is today, a place with deep historical roots and a broad vision for the future.

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