Living Underwater

Living Underwater takes pride in providing divers with outstanding customer service, a personalized, fun and safe Cozumel diving experience! Whether it’s your first Cozumel dive or your 100th, our knowledge of the reefs, coral, and
the marine life will give you a new perspective of the underwater world.

With our majestic walls, unique coral formations, lush reefs, abundant and diverse marine life, and 100+ foot visibility, it’s no wonder Cozumel is consistently rated among the Top 10 Diving Destinations in the World!

Whether you are a newly certified diver, or a seasoned veteran, Cozumel is the perfect dive destination for you. Jeremy Anschel and his experienced, professional staff at Living Underwater look forward to diving with you

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Phone. 011 52 (987) 116-1964

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