Diving Adventures

Diving Adventures was opened to the public in 1989 on Cozumel Downtown, it’s the result of my love for the ocean since I was a kit.

I was born and raised in Mexico City (chilango) but since early age I was passionate about scuba diving and the ocean…………Cozumel is the perfect place for the practice of scuba diving in pristine clear warm waters, excellent
drift diving on breathtaking coral walls.

So in 1986 I came here and started diving for other dive companies as Divemaster and later on as an Instructor.

Finally in 1989 I was able to offer really personal dive service on my own fast, clean, new boats.

Today we are located at the marina Caleta next to Presidente Hotel and after twenty years of experience and knowing almost everybody in the Island I am sure we can help with all your diving related questions about Cozumel and of course
with other matters like good restaurants, hotels interest points to visit and one or two well kept secrets of this beautiful Island of swallows….

Contact Diving Adventures

Diving Adventures 15 Av. Sur C between 19 and 21 Avenue, Corpus Christy
Neighborhood, Cozumel, Mexico 77600

Phone. 011 52 987 872 3009

Phone 2. 011 52 1 987 564 0886

Email: dive@divingadventures.net

Website: http://www.divingadventures.net