Blue Angel Divers

We want to share with you our respect and our love for the ocean, everyone of us loves the water for different reasons but each one wants to share our view of the ocean with you. We love spending time underwater, we are divers.
For all of us looking at an infamous splendid toadfish (found exclusively in Cozumel), an eagle ray or just a tiny polyp in the coral brings amazement to our minds. There is certainly a connection between the man and the ocean, we
feel at ease in the water but most of all we feel an indefinable feeling of wellness: We want you to share your feelings of the ocean with us.

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Blue Angel Divers, Carretera Costera Sur, Km 2.2. Caribe Blu Hotel Cozumel

Phone. (866) 779 9986 (toll free)

Phone 2. 011 52 (987) 872-7258