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Cozumel Weddings – Our Cozumel wedding planners and wedding coordinators organize beach ceremonies and packages in Cozumel at any beach location or hotel including discount travel arrangements for your guests or group

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on vacation, fall in love, and get married? After our coordinator said ‘I do” in Cozumel, she began a company that can help you plan a unique wedding on this lovely island with
local touches that include a mariachi band and a romantic setting.

This quaint little island is right off the second largest coral reef in the world and brings together natural beauty, local Mexican charm, and modern hotels that include facilities and staff that make you feel right at home. If
your dream is to have a wedding on the beach at Sunset, then this is the place! The sunsets fill up the skies with fiery oranges, yellows and reds; then when the sun fades beyond the horizon, the colors are replaced by millions of stars,
that’s what a Cozumel Wedding is all about!

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Something Special

Expert wedding planner of Cozumel Island in the Mexican Riviera

Hello, I am Fiona Lomax, your wedding coordinator and planner, a 17 year resident of Cozumel who has the experience of planning and managing more than 800 Cozumel weddings and special events in this magical paradise of the Mexican
Caribbean. I am here every day to make your dreams come true!

Planning your destination wedding from a distance over the internet can make anyone nervous. I understand this and we pride ourselves in giving you no-nonsense information and guidance, so that when you arrive for your wedding,
it is exactly as you have pictured it. There are no surprises, you simply relax and enjoy your destination wedding. We are present for all events, from beginning to end to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

Cozumel was voted “Best Value for the Dollar” by Fortune Magazine. This destination’s international airport provides quick and easy access from all parts of the United States, Canada and Europe. Activities for all ages include
top rated golfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, deep-sea fishing, Mayan ruins and much more. The average air temperature is 80º and the clearest ocean waters make a wonderful vacation for all. Cozumel is the perfect getaway for your
Mexico beach wedding and honeymoon, all at a very affordable price.

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Mayaland Weddings

26 Years making happy couples and unforgetable ceremonies.

We have compiled a few packages that welcome all budgets. The packages are arranged from simple ceremony to a more elaborate ceremony with small reception. All ceremonies are performed at the beatiful Cozumel beach.Official
Master of Ceremonies of the most important Cozumel Tradition “Carnival” For the Last 24 years-including 2009

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Cozumel Wedding Planner

If your dream is to get married in a tropical paradise, with the sun setting behind you… then you have definitely come to the right place! Cozumel’s rich sunsets and crystal blue waters are a perfect back drop to your Caribbean Wedding, and the charm of this island will touch your heart and soul.

We take pride in making sure your special day is stress-free, and we will be with you every step of the way to make sure of it!

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Top Mexico Real Estate

The Cozumel real estate market is amazing. There is something magical about living on an island. If you include that the island is in the Caribbean turquoise blue waters then it is mesmerizing and magical. Add one more ingredient being that the island is within Mexico with their warm and spicy culture then you have a magical, mesmerizing and neighborly home. This is Cozumel. .

The real estate market of Cozumel is influenced principally by the fact that we do have a limited inventory. The area is approximately 5 miles wide, and 15 miles long. Our Island is a 40 minute ferry ride from Playa del Carmen which is
south of Cancun approximately 40 minutes. We do not have mountains and the Cozumel beaches on the east side are incredibly unforgettable. The west side of the island has waters that are famous world wide with scuba divers swearing to its beauty. Temperatures run from 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter up to 105
Fahrenheit in the summer..

A seaside boardwalk runs along the eastern side in the downtown real estate area of Cozumel. This is the heart of the island with the main square sitting back one block from the boardwalk filled with cafes and outdoor restaurants.
Everything is within walking distance. Even the ferry docks that take you to the mainland is centrally located. You can move around the market place on a bicycle or scooter, or small automobile. On the southern part of the island we
have an international airport that will take you whisking away to the footsteps of your principal home..

We are a small magical island that has a community with a big heart. You will soon be nodding and smiling and then chatting away with the neighbors of Cozumel. With my many years of experience in real estate, it will be my
pleasure to help you locate your Cozumel property and make the transition into warm community.

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