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Dive Shops & Operators

Here are our recommended scuba diving professionals & dive shops to book your next Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving trip.

Blue XT Sea Diving
Deep Exposure Dive Center
Scuba Tony
Scuba With Alison
Techs-Mex Divers
Blue Magic Scuba

Click here for a complete list of Cozumel Dive Shops.

Coral Reefs & Dive Sites

Bajo de Molas
Chankanaab Park
Chankanaab Reef
Chankanaab (Shallow)
Chankanaab Caves
Chen Rio
Chun Chancaab
Colombia (Deep)
Colombia (Shallow)
El Islote
El Mirador
La Francesa
Las Palmas
Los Atolones
Maracaibo (Punta)
Maracaibo (Shallow)
Molas (Sand Bank)
Palancar (Caves)
Palancar (Gardens)
Palancar (Horseshoe)
Paso del Cedral (Shallow)
Playa Bosh
Punta Dalila
Punta Morena
Punta Sur (Deep)
Punta Sur (Shallow)
San Juan
Tunich (Rock) Wall
Villa Blanca Wall

Hotel Cozumel
Hotels in Cozumel are listed below. Cozumel hotels include resorts.

Allegro Cozumel *
Aura Cozumel Grand Resort
Bahia Cozumel
Barracuda Hotel
Blue Angel Resort
Blue Caribe Resort
Casa Del Mar *
Casa Mexicana Cozumel
Caribe Blu Hotel
Colonial Cozumel
Coral Princess Hotel
Costa Brava
Cozumel Palace *
El Cid La Ceiba Cozumel
El Cozumeleno Beach Resort
Fiesta Americana Cozumel *
Hacienda San Miguel
Hotel Cozumel & Resort *
Iberostar Cozumel *
Occidental Grand Cozumel *
Melia Cozumel *
Park Royal *
Playa Azul Golf and Beach Hotel
Plaza Las Glorias
Presidente Intercontinental Cozumel
Sabor Resort & Spa *
Scuba Club Cozumel

Vista Del Mar

* = All Inclusive Only or Available

B & B, Condos, Villas
& Home Rentals

At Home In Cozumel
Las Lunas Inn

Caribbean Beach Properties
Casa Tropical
Cozumel Beach House
Cozumel Casa Martillo Condo
Cozumel Condos
Cozumel House Rentals
Cozumel Seaside Retreats
Cozumel Vacation Rentals
Cozumel Villas
Paraiso Azul
Vacation Rentals
Villa Amigos
Villas Costa del Sol
Villa Diamond K
Cozumel Vacation Rentals
Villa Debra
Rentals Your Way


Cozumel is known in the scuba diving industry as one of the best scuba diving locations in the world. Every dive is a scuba divers dream. Teaming with schools of fish and boasting amazing view, Cozumel offers the avid scuba diver a vast playground. Cozumel is the Mexican Caribbean's largest island, just 12 miles off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Cozumel is 28 miles / 9 meters long and 10 miles / 2 meters wide. Located near Cancun; Cozumel is an island destination for scuba divers and non scuba divers alike. Although it is a divers mecca, even after decades as a popular vacation resort, it remains a serene, quiet and undiscovered piece of paradise. The climate is subtropical.

Most of the scuba diving and snorkeling activity on Cozumel is focused on the reefs and shallow coral formations that extend from the southern tip of the island to just south of San Miguel on the west coast. All of the Cozumel beaches are protected and extend from the ferry pier in downtown San Miguel to the southern tip of the island, many of which are protected as part of an underwater national park. Fishing is not allowed in this area. However, you can book a deep sea fishing excursion with many dive operators on the island. For a complete list of scuba diving operators on Cozumel, please refer to our dive operator page, where you will find a complete listing of dive operators serving scuba divers daily dive trips and amazing diving vacations.

There are two main coral reef systems surrounding Cozumel, Colombia and Palancar reefs. Easilt accessible with plateaus beginning in less than 30 feet / 9 meters of water, Cozumel reefs boast abundant underwater sea life and brilliant colors, often referred to by many scuba divers as some of the best scuba diving of their lives. At Chankanaab Lagoon, one of the most visited sites on the island, divers and snorkelers can observe small coral and limestone formations at 6 to 30 feet / 2 to 9 meters.

Cozumel, known to the Maya as Island of the Swallows is located off the eastern coast of Mexico 's Yucatán Peninsula , opposite Playa del Carmen . It is one of the eight municipalities ( municipios ) of the state of Quintana Roo . Cozumel is a popular tourist destination renowned for its scuba diving . The main town on the island is San Miguel . Located near Cancun, which can be accessed via water taxi, the Yucatan offers exception vacations. Enjoy scuba diving and other fun beach activities when you book a cancun vacation for your family.


The island is about 30 miles (48 km) north-south and 10 miles (16 km) east-west, and is the largest island of Mexico. It is about 12 miles (20 km) from the mainland, and some (36 miles (60 km) south of Cancún . Nearly everybody in Cozumel lives in the town of San Miguel (pop. est. 90,000 in 2003 ), which is on the western shore. The rest of the island is low, flat, and densely vegetated.


Cozumel has an airport with daily flights in and out. When booking a flight, you can use the airport code CZM to search for flights. We have put together a page about the Cozumel Airport.

Even though Cozumel has its own Airport, most travelers fly into Cancun International Airport. There are two options to get from Cancun Airport to Cozumel: Air Shuttle and Ground Transportation. Find out more about getting from the Cancun airport to Cozumel.


Diving in Cozumel, Mexico - Cozumel is known in the dive industry as one of the best dive locations in the world.Pronounced Co-zu-mel (kō zu-mĕl), the first Maya settled in Cozumel over 2,000 years ago. The island derives its name from the Mayan words Cuzam (swallow) and Lumil (land of), which formed the word Cuzamil (land of swallows). The word changed over time to the current spelling, Cozumel.

During the period between 300 and 900 A.D., Cozumel became an important sanctuary in the Yucatan region. At that time, priests were very high up in the social classes, which propogated religious ceremonies. Mayan women from all over the Yucatán Peninsula and beyond made pilgrimages here to pay tribute to Ixchel, the goddess of fertility and the moon. There was a temple erected in her honor at San Gervasio, near the centre of the island. More History >>


Language of Cozumel : English is widely spoken in Cozumel, but Spanish is the official language. A small percent still speak some Mayan on the island.

Cozumel Climate: The climate in Cozumel is subtropical, so expect some rain during most of the year, plenty of tropical breezes (which may require a light jacket in the evenings) and sunshine. The rainy season begins in May and last through September, however, many days are still very divable. Click here for current weather conditions.

Average Water Temp: The water temperature averages 77 degrees ferenheit in the winter and 85 in summer. Although these temperatures sound warm and cozy, a light to medium wetsuit or skin may be needed.

Island Time Zone: Cozumel is on the Central time zone.

Documents to Bring : Proof of citizenship, valid photo ID, and Temporary Tourist card. Please refer to our section on entry documentation.

For more Info
: You may contact the Mexican Ministry of Tourism at (800)-44-MEXICO.


There are a lot of different accommodations to choose from in Cozumel. Each depends on your budget and vacation style. Try a luxurious timeshare for sale or for rent right on the beach. Resorts like the Wyndham Cozumel offer all-inclusive options. Or you can try a beautiful hotel further inland. There are also motels, hostels, and inns for you to try. It just depends on your preference really. Your best bet is to reserve ahead of time, confirm the day before you leave, and pay with a credit card to get the best exchange rates. Here is a great article about Planning a Dive Vacation with many great points to consider when planning to Dive Cozumel or any other dive location!

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